14 sept. 2010

Mardi 14 Septembre : Sortie officielle de la Reine Rania et son Mari Abdullah II.

Aujourd'hui , la Reine Rania est son Mari Abdullah ont inauguré un nouveau hôpital "Prince Al-Hussein Bin Abdullah II" à Balqa en Jordanie .

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  1. Anne12:36


    How are you?
    I'm glad to see Jordany evoluation trough the time, investing in social works, such schools and hospitals. The king and queen really do a lot for their country.
    They look such a cute e happy couple, no?

    Have a great week!


  2. Hi :)

    I'am fine and you?

    yes they look very modern and haapy :)

    * i suppose you are from USA?!
    queen Rania will be in US next week

  3. Anne09:13


    No, i'm not from USA. I'm from Portugal (english father, portuguese mother :) ).
    The king & queen were in my country last year, if i'm not mistaken.
    And you, are you from France?

  4. oh sorry !

    yes i'am from france , in my class in have many people from portugal :)

  5. Anne09:43


    Nowadays many portuguese live in france (i have some cousins living in the south) and i must say that is such a beautiful country. Some years ago, i went in school trip to france (to poitiers & paris) and i simply loved it!

    (can you tell me your name? i would like to call you by your name, it's more polite, i think :) )