8 sept. 2010

Dimanche 5 Septembre: Rania de Jordanie Rend visite un centre centre saoudien .

Après son retours en Jordanie , la Reine Rania Al Abdullah à rendu visite au centre saoudien de réhabilitation pour filles/femmes malvoyante ou aveugles.

2 commentaires:

  1. Anne20:31

    How are you?
    She does a lot of social work, no? She must be a really nice person, always smiling.
    I must say I love her scarf!She looks always so elegant and neutral colours do her very well.


  2. Hello
    I'm still good and you?

    yes she loves the social work:) she already wore this scarf during his vacation in St Tropez in 2009 .
    you see pics here : http://img193.imageshack.us/g/kingabdullahiifamilyoutn.jpg/